Our bangles are created using boiled wool felt from knitted material. Ranging from casual to high fashion, the designs incorporate a love of colour and comfortably unite the balance between rustic and chic.

Our bangles and bangle combos in many different variations of colours, not all of which are displayed here.  For a full selection of what is currently available, please visit our Etsy Store. If you see something you’d like in a different colour, don’t hesitate to contact us for custom orders.

Retailers/Wholesalers: contact us for seasonal lines and colours in production.

Adorn yourself!




The Single Strand Bangle is a solid-coloured felt bracelet. Soft against your skin (and that of the little ones in your life) this bangle is silent against keyboards and stays out of your way at work and at home. You’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it – even though others will!








The Bumpy Bangle is a two-toned felt bracelet featuring an appealing  bumpy texture. The vibrant and inspired colours are paired in bold and exciting colour schemes in this felt bangle.








Felted Bangle Cuff Combos consist of four felt bangles made from hand dyed wool, specially paired into exciting colour schemes. Two colours make up each set, including three Single Strand Bangles and one two-tone Bumpy Bangle containing both shades. The Cuff Combo can be worn together as a bold set, or separately as distinct felt bracelets.