Bags in our SIGNATURE LINE are knitted, then felted to become a dense, substantial fabric with a unique and pleasing texture. The bags comfortably unite the balance between rustic and chic, boasting eye-catching designs and bold color schemes. Engineered with ingenuity, these bags appear seamless, a subtle but striking feature of their unique, elegant and streamlined design.

Our bags come in many different variations of colours, not all of which are displayed here.  For a full selection of what is currently available, please visit our Etsy Store. If you see something you’d like in a different colour, don’t hesitate to contact us for custom orders.

Retailers/Wholesalers: contact us for seasonal lines and colours in production.

The originality of these bags will have people talking each time you take one out!




The Large Tote is a stylish yet practical bag.  Large enough to carry books, notepads, laptops and anything else, it can hold everything you’ll need on a day out but is sleek enough to bring with you on a night out!








Backpack in style! The Backpack is a practical and elegant way to transport the fundamentals and more.  Charming, tasteful and original.








A slender handbag, the Adjustable Strap Pouch features an engineered all-felt buckling system hidden on the inside which allows you to adjust the bag to be short- or long-strapped as you prefer, or as the situation requires. Adjustable so that you can be too.








The Short Strap Shoulder is one of the most popular items in our catalogue.  This tear-drop shaped shoulder bag has two comfortable straps and an open top, allowing for easy access.








The Pot Bag is not only full of style, but can be filled will all the essentials you’ll need for a day out. With a wide bottom, this felt bag is an almost spherical vessel with a long strap, sitting it on your hip.








The Pouch Clutch is a playful purse featuring bright colours and a wrist strap closure positioned at the centre of the bag. A cute felt sliding claspin a flower motif pulls the sides of the clutch open and closed.