About the Artist

Deborah Dumka is a textile artist working from a studio-by-the-sea on the edge of a small island in the Salish Sea of British Columbia, Canada. With a passion for colour and drawing inspiration from the natural landscape of her rural home, she dyes raw fibre and spun yarns to create a palette of material for her line of functional felt work.

Deborah makes things that have a place in our everyday lives, things that through their handmade texture, colour and function reconnect us to a time when all objects were chosen from the hands of a maker, taking their beauty from the marks of the creation process and the naturalness of the materials. Her inspiration is landscape and in recent work she has been exploring the idea of nature deficit, the way our connectedness to the natural environment plays out in our physiology and well being.

Deborah is actively involved in the Canadian craft community – provincially as a Board Member for the Craft Council of British Columbia and nationally as President of the Canadian Crafts Federation.