Restorative Niches

I’m please to announce that my most recent work will be presented at an exhibit on Granville Island opening this Thursday, August 22.  I created this body of work combining my original training as an electrical engineer with my career as a textile artist.  Through the exhibit I invite every participant to take the time out of their busy, bustling, urban lives to experience, listen, relax and restore by reflecting on nature as evoked by the colours, sounds and textures of the individual pieces.

The CCBC has published a write-up of the exhibit on their website:

“restorative niches; attention restoration; biophilic cities, phytoncide theory, restorative literature; nature deficit or shinrin-yoku – all speak to our growing understanding or for some, remembering – that nature isn’t just a luxury, but an essential component of human well-being.

In the west this emerging zeitgeist manifests in city planning, education, health modalities, management paradigms, child rearing and numerous books on how to manage your personality. It is this concept that Dumka explores in this exhibition – a living space populated by a collection of interactive textile pieces reflecting elements of her personal restorative niches. It invites the viewer into a moment, one that hopefully will initiate a shift towards equilibrium or at least move the viewer to linger.

This work draws on Dumka’s past as an engineer and continues to build on her extensive body of work that explores our relationship to landscape – whether it is her horizon inspired hand-bags or her 8 ft rugs/wall hanging that evoke the rocks and waves outside her Texada Island home, Dumka challenges us to invite the natural world into our urban day to day living.”

Click here for a little restoration, and a sneak preview of the exhibit…